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Painting and Wallcovering
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Interior Painting

Interior Painting and Preparation

All surfaces to be painted are cleaned, as needed.

All cracks, holes and serious nail pops in ceilings and walls are repaired. Nail holes are filled. All water stains, and other stains receive one coat of primer/sealer.

All cracks and gaps in the trim and the seal between trim and walls are caulked.

All new/bare wood receives one coat of oil-based primer and is sanded smooth before the finish coats of paint are applied.

All new wallboard receives one coat of water-based primer. All walls are painted two coats with quality paint .

All windows and doors are painted two coats of a quality semi-gloss finish, unless instructed otherwise.

Owner/customer removes small objects (pictures, curtains etc.) unless requested otherwise.

Large objects (furniture, tables, desks, etc.) will be moved by Town & Country Painting.

All areas to be painted will be covered with drop cloths and plastic.
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