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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting and Preparation
Mildew, dirt, and grime are removed from the buildings by pressure washing before any painting, staining or other finish work.

The exterior surfaces are scraped and power sanded as needed to provide a relatively smooth, stable surface for the application of the paint or stain.

Cracks are caulked, as well as trim around the windows and doors as necessary, prior to painting or staining.

All bare wood is primed with a top quality exterior oil-based primer, unless surface is to be stained.

Two coats of Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint or stain is applied to the siding and trim.

Provisions will be taken for protecting areas not intended to be painted or stained. Drop cloths, tape, and plastic are used to prevent paint spills or drips on the grounds, shrubs, windows, screens, lamps, railings, walks, roofs, decks etc.

All supplies and equipment will be safely stowed away from buildings when not in use.
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